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Here is what the people will find arriving in Vulcano Island, which in mythology was called Jerà.

A normal person arriving at Vulcano emits a breath of relief and exclaims "FINALLY".

Descending from the boat, he is greeted by a strong view. In front, on the left, there is a beach at the foot of the large smoking crater, surrounded by all the facets of the volcano, with obvious signs of old eruptions. Rich in all of its colours, ranging from bronze and yellow sulphur, the white of pumice and a whole variety of bright colours from the sun. It will be very interesting to climb to the top of the volcano, 400 meters high, to enjoy a show that can’t be described: you will see all six islands, seven with Vulcano, one more beautiful than other, all volcanic, but all different from each other! In front of low and simple buildings, on the right of the yellow cliffs, as results of the first eruptions, you will find the treasure of two hundred different minerals, which constitute the content of the Venus bath, where you can be amused, sitting in the muddy water that arrives to your neck! It is good for the whole body, be careful about your eyes, but if you burn them, a few drops of lemon juice, and everything disappears! Some people are immersed for 1 or 2 hours, returning again in the afternoon, other are immersed even three times, also in the evening.

When you feel the need to get out of the "hole" on the right, when you’ve heated your back and bones enough, pass into the sea, warmed by the volcano gas exits, which exhale thermal water providing a beneficial natural massage.

In this part of the warm sea, you can stay as long as you want, with your nose to the wind.
At your left on the north, you will find one fumarole near the old bath that haven’t been finished. Breathe by the fumarole with deep breaths on a distance of 1-1,5 meter. Influences, allergies, colds, sinusitis will disappear. Plus, advantages to the ears, nose and throat.
If you raise your eyes, you will see Vulcanello, a new island, born in 165 BC, in a tragic moment of the fury of the Gods to the Romans who had poisoned a great warrior, their protégé! Between the thermal baths and Vulcanello, is located the eastern beach with white sand, Sable Blanche. Going further along of the road and after about 100 meters there is another beach with black sand, Sable Noires, in front of Filicudi, Salina on the right and Lipari.

This sand bridge is leading you to Vulcanello and continuing for 300 meters you will arrive at:

Come through the two columns of lava to the reception where you will find us to welcome you with a glass of freshly harvested Aloe Vera, red local wine or a cup of good coffee! Upon entering, you will pass under the arch of friendship, also made of lava, whose key is the head of an old man with his tongue out. That "sberleffa" distinguishes the friend who enters from the enemy. The arch is 800 years old!
Going on the right you will find the corner for your kids, on the left the double rooms, or if you booked with twin beds, with a large patio as a living room. Continuing you will find the theatre with a wide auditorium, the bar where you will have breakfast, the pizzeria with a chef who will prepare the pizza you desire for lunch and dinner and the restaurant with the fish of the day, or meat of animals farmed free or vegetables farmed locally. In front is a large swimming pool with thermal water, which comes out from the volcano, warm, pleasant and very refreshing. Below you will see the welcoming and clean sea.
The wind suggests you which beach to choose, just downwind to find out the plate and clean sea.

100,000 square meters of sloping to the sea there are hidden simple houses, constructed in Aeolian  style.
MONO – matrimonial or with twin beds rooms according to your booking, BILO – with three or four beds, large patio with stone table, furnished and equipped kitchenette, sea bathing, swimming pool and sport in the Jerà Club.
With the forest around, clean air, the sea, the spacious park, the Vulcano’s hospitality, positioned close to other Aeolian  pearls, the natural spa, fine cuisine, silence... all these ingredients will naturally bring you the love!
The closeness of the Gods makes your holiday a "DIVINE VACATION".
Aphrodite, the Roman Venus, Goddess of absolute beauty, who taught the women's world by the truth about the amazing gift of procreation, growth and education of children, the maintenance and growth of the family nest, taking care of their bodies and their personal beauty, which is the strongest weapon of women’s power. Taught how to demand respect and freedom are essential to stay strong and young even from such a jealous partner as Hephaestus who wasn’t beautiful but strong, protective and jealous.
Venus and Hephaestus encountered in Jerà Island, mysterious, towering over the sea. In this island, it was believed that every day the sun was born in lights burst, shining all day and slowly was immersed into the sea in the evening and seemed died. But passing under the island, it was regenerated for a new trial, and suddenly resurfaced to the East and slowly broke out, in an explosion of lights, giving mutual prosperity and security, awakening the flowers, trees, grass, animals and human beings!
Venus and Hephaestus had a happy reign on the island for a long time. A particular character, much feared by humans, joined them. For the couple that was sheltered by him, a prestige for Jerà was important, he wasn’t a God, but had received a divine gift!

Aeolus had been appointed as a Guardian of the spirits of all Mankind, they were called "the spirits of the dead souls" that he carefully kept in bottles made of donkey leather.
We must point out that the donkey was the noblest animal in the ancient world. He was "the animal most admired and adored," because he was the strongest, helpful and patient being of the Earth! Aeolus every day was busy of examining and judging some spirit, that he extracted from a wineskin, examined it with great attention and judged him. He turned it into the wind according of his past and his life. A gentle wind, pleasant, awake, medium strength or more pronounced, strong, ruthless, intensive, half-gale, storm or hurricane. The sailors were afraid of his decision because they risked their lives and ship.

Early humans that descended on Vulcano’s beaches were the prisoners serving life sentences, abandoned by foreign troops, convinced that they will die. But instead they’d survived and formed the first settlement of the island. It seems fair to point out that it was the nineteenth century, eighteen hundred years after the coming of Christ on the Earth! These people found the smaller bath, which is now called "The Bath of Venus"!
Hephaestus, was pushed down from Olympus by his mother Era who thought him too ugly. He fell down on the Jerà island and broke his leg. He became limp and moved with difficulty, but became a goldsmith and then a blacksmith, with twelve assistants.

The hate which he had for his mother, after a long time he transformed into a golden throne that he gave her as a gift. After being seated, the mother couldn’t be free no longer. It was a trap that kept her immobilized. She calls to Zeus for help. But Hephaestus freed her only when obtained the promise from Zeus to have the most beautiful woman in the world: Venus, who became his bride. The wedding event took place in the Jerà island, the couple were appointed by Zeus to defend this island, together with Aeolus, the King of the Winds.

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