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Starting from Milazzo by ship or hydrofoil boat within 12 miles appear these first islands full of lush vegetation, inhabited by Vulcanari, which are not more than 500 during the winter. The islands were ruled by a great volcanic structure, which collapsed, creating a great valley, a basin, called "The Great Caldera".
The series of eruptions had given a life to the place called "Plan", a plateau of 400 meters, fertile, full of charm, where the antique families had been farmed their lands with a great parsimony and where even now the new generations are producing the exquisite products.
Vulcanello, the island of Hephaestus, was a favourite topic of the ancient historians. Aristotle narrates, "That you saw the raising soil from the sea, climb with a crash to form a dome-shaped bulge. In the sky has appeared a high column of the black and the finest white powder, produced by the eruption of pumice and lava." The story goes that the formation of the Hephaestus Island was to coincide with the death of Hannibal in 183 BC.
Great fear aroused in the Roman senate, because it had spread the concern that Gods wanted to revenge for the death of their protégé.

Jerà Resort & Circolo Velico and Vulcano Terme Residence Club are located in the island of Vulcano, easily accessible from Italy and Europe.

Below you will find the list of travel solutions recommended by us:

The airports of Catania, Comiso and Palermo are the destination of the main national and international airlines. For example, Ryanair provides direct flights to Catania from Bologna, Eindhoven, Madrid, Marseille, Milan (Bergamo), Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino, Turin and Treviso. Comiso has direct flights from Brussels Charleroi, Dublin, Frankfurt Hahn, Kaunas, London Stansted, Pisa and Rome Fiumicino.
For more information:
Airport Dello Stretto in Reggio Calabria
Airport Fontanarossa in Catania
Airport Falcone-Borsellino in Palermo
Airport of Comiso

Numerous autopullman routes connect the city Milazzo with the nearby town Messina and the main tourist resorts of Sicily.
Timetable for the Bus city lines
Timetable for the Bus by highway A20 Milazzo - Messina and connection with Catania Airport
• Timetable for the suburban bus lines Giuntabus and AST

By road, the city of Milazzo is connected to Messina, Catania and Palermo - from which it is respectively 40 and 225 km away - via both SS 113 and A20 (exit at the tollgate of the same name). www.autostrade.it

The city of Milazzo is served by Trenitalia. Milazzo Train Station (Tel.0909296052) is located along all major railway lines from South and East-West, with constant connections with the main Italian cities. www.trenitalia.it

Milazzo is connected with the main maritime cities thanks to the different companies that offer the service of maritime transport.
From Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Milazzo Napoli, Panarea, Rinella Salina, Stromboli to Vulcano.
From Ginostra, Lipari, Messina, Milazzo, Panarea, Reggio Calabria, Rinella, Salina, Stromboli to Vulcano.
From Milazzo to Vulcano.

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